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Purple Hair Color Ideas

Colored hair has made its mark among women aged 20-30. The main reason for that is women reflect their style by coloring their hair.

Colored hair has made its mark among women aged 20-30. The main reason for that is women reflect their style by coloring their hair. One of the distinctive and popular examples of that is the purple color. Within this article, we will share some of the purple color ideas that are liked by everyone. If you are interested and want to change the color of your hair, take a look at what we have gathered for you. Before you take any step, you should know that your hair must always be healthy to get the perfect result.

How to Color Your Hair Purple?

Essentially, you need to go to a professional hairdresser to change your color, if you are not experienced to do it on your own. Also, before the actual process, your hair needs to be lightened. For that, there are many hair lighteners out there to choose from. At this point, you need to decide which shade of purple you will dye your hair with.

By katyperrygolden
deep purple hair by therealmelissab

These shades are; light, dark, paste, eggplant purple, purple-red, Burgundy purple, and deep purple. Before applying any of these shades, you need to be sure that your hair needs to be in top shape in terms of health.

By rockxangelx
Burgundy purple hair

That provides you a gorgeous and elegant purple hair color. As for the dyeing process, first, you need to lighten your hair, which is essential if your hair has darker tones. Mix the conditioner with hair dye according to the amount and height of your hair. After you get the mixture, start painting from the top to the bottom. You should repeat that to all layers you have created with your hair to apply purple more efficiently.

purple hair color by allamoda_holliehair

Best Shampoo to Treat Your Purple Colored Hair 

If you have colored your hair, you will see the changes after a month. As you may have already experienced, your purple-colored hair will change, and the color will fade slowly after a while. Since many women color their hair and aware of this problem, the amount of products to prevent this is increased as well.

purple-colored hair

No matter how professionally you dyed your hair with purple color, your hair will wear out at some point. To prevent that, you can use shampoos, conditioners, and hair serums for your purple-dyed hair. These products should be applied before and after the shower. As soon as you realize that your purple hair fades, that is the sign of re-dyeing. You may also look for additional cosmetics to not to damage your hair while you are trying to maintain its purple color.

Colors That Go With Purple 

While you are applying purple for your hair, you probably ask what color goes with the purple. Thanks to the reflecting style which purple brings, you should look for combinations as well. The effect of the purple is exquisite and flashy. You will realize that, due to the color of your hair, attention and curious eyes will surely follow you.

As soon as you decided to use the color purple, you may choose other colors to create many combinations. For instance, with red, yellow, gray-black, green, damson, beige, you can create harmonious combinations. In addition to that, if you want to show the energy of the purple, you may go with darker tones such as black, gray, navy blue, and burgundy. Since purple is a vibrant type of color, we suggest that you should not choose dark make-up. Generally, the nude style of make-up is more compatible with any shade of purple.

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