Herringbone Braid – How To Do a Herringbone Braid

Herringbone braid hairstyles are a hairstyle that girls usually have trouble doing and therefore do not prefer. Braided hair is a model that women have fondly used for centuries. Hair braids, which will never end in fashion, even if years pass, contain different varieties. One of them is a herringbone braid.

Herringbone Braid
by ariassi

It’s not as hard as you think to make this hairstyle, whose look is gorgeous, almost lined up like pearls. When you learn the practice of this hairstyle, we share with you both the tricks of the model you will often want to do and how it is done. At school, at work, at a meeting of friends, at the most special invitations or even on your wedding day, this model is the easiest to use only at

What To Look For Herringbone Braid?

  • In order to easily get braided hairstyles, your hair needs to be groomed first.
  • The fact that your hair flows easily between your fingers when braiding ensures that the appearance is flawless after braiding.
  • In order for your hair to take shape without blistering, we recommend that you use care creams that are not rinsed before braiding your hair.
  • To braid your hair easily, you should also try combing your hair before braiding it.
  • After straightening your hair thoroughly and making it flawless, it will be easier for you to start the braid.

Of course, you should remember to practice a lot. As you practice, different braids such as 8 strand braid, overhand braid, herringbone color will be easier for you.

overhand braid
source petra_today

How To Do a Herringbone Braid

To make a herringbone braid hairstyle, you will need a hairpin, water, and Styler. Step by step branding will be done as follows;

  • First, wet and comb the hair with water.
  • From the part between the top of the head and the eyeballs, take a pinch of hair.
  • Divide the pinch into three equal parts and weave it flat once or twice.
  • Continue braiding by adding hair from the edges to the Tufts in your hand.
  • After adding the entire hair to the braid, continue with the straight braid and finish the braid by attaching a buckle to the tip of the hair.
Herringbone Braids Hair
by makbook_braids

How To Make Herringbone Double Braid?

If you cut your hair in half and knit both Tufts, as in the classic herringbone braid, it will be enough for you to get this look. Only this time you’re going to braid the sides of your hair, so you have to start the braid from the front and knit it along the ear line.
Famous stars have also often preferred this model recently. Also, this hair style is known as a boxer braid. We recommend that you get help from a strong grip stabilizer spray to make your herringbone double weave hairstyle look bright so that the braids can remain stable during the day without dissipating. If you want your spray braids to stay stable, it’s your biggest help! If you want your spray braids to stay stable, it’s your biggest help!

How To Make Herringbone Double Braid
by braidedbeautybypaige
Herringbone Double Braid
by hive_hair

How To Make Herringbone Braided Bun?

Herringbone braids bun are braided hairstyles that you can also use for wedding invitations. After making the classic herringbone hairstyle, collect the length of the braid on the neck and give it the appearance of a bun and secure it with wire buckles. This practical, stylish look will be one of the most preferred hairstyles in the invitations after that, we are sure!

how to do a herringbone braid bun
by stellastevenshairdesigns
Herringbone Braids
by beyondtheponytail
herringbone color
source femmeakoi
fish tail braid

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