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Euphoria Hairstyles Trends for 2022

Euphoria Hairstyles covers the top of our body, the top and the back of our head… It is something that we sometimes get tired of with its regular care, and sometimes we can’t bear to even take a little bit of attention from the ends.

We play with the color, we play with the shape, we count the whites, we hide the whites, we wash and comb the pucks, what we do. Maybe we have had memories of leaving the hairdresser crying, maybe our child’s first lock of hair is hidden in a box. Some of us knit with care, some of us knit with care. People who receive chemotherapy have to remember their relationship with their hair for about two weeks and say goodbye to them, albeit temporarily. It would not be wrong to say that I often hear the sentence “I cry for my hair, not for my illness”.

The most liked Euphoria Hairstyles

Hands, fingers, joints, chin, neck, belly, eyebrows, eyes, stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, heart, lungs, veins, bones, lymph, tissue, cell… One of the thousands of things that make up our body, our hair… What we can touch, change, about extensions that we can decide on…

Indeed, why does our hair make us cry so much, spend so much effort and money when we have so many functional and vital particles that make up our body? What does our hair tell us and the world on our behalf? Why do some results hurt so much when we don’t feel any pain when cut? What good does hair do?

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