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Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair

The Curly Girl Method for wavy hair has recently also become very popular for women with wavy hair.

The Curly Girl Method for wavy hair has recently also become very popular for women with wavy hair. Do you complain about wavy or curly hair? Do you have a dry hair structure for some reason? Has your hair lost its natural structure? To one or more of these questions is “YES!” if you answered, this article may interest you.

Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair
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The Curly Girl Method for wavy hair for women who complain of dry, damaged, blistering, or uncontrollable curly hair is based on Lorraine Massey’s book “Curly Girl”. The book advises not to use sulfate-containing shampoo. Because sulfate tends to take away natural hair oil along with dirt. But when avoiding sulfate, it can maintain the natural moisture of the hair. This article contains what can be done in wavy hair to maximize the potential of curls. It also includes the basic principles of following the main rules of the Curly Girl Method for wavy hair (without silicone, without sulfate / without shampoo and anti-heat). Like many beauty apps, this method can work for you, although its results vary from person to person. Then say goodbye to puffy hair and forked ends, and hello to soft and healthy curls!

Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair
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Does The Curly Girl Method Work With Wavy Hair?

Curly Girl Method for wavy hair gives positive results. Many women on the internet have positive shares in this regard. Of course, every hair and every person is special. Varies from person to person. But in a general sense, we can say that this method works. You can have 2A hair or 2b hair types. 2a hair type is known by nature as a wavy hair type. If you have slight twists on your hair strands, your hair type is 2A. 2B hair type is considered to be the best wavy hair. It is not very curly or fully straight. It has a very slight fold.

To see the result of this method, you need about 3 months of application. Those who apply this method by showing patience say that their hair is healthy, not electrified, soft.

Curly Girl Method for wavy hairstyles
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What is the Curly Girl Method?

The Curly Girl Method is a method introduced by Lorraina Massey in order to preserve the curly hair structure and restore your hair to its natural structure. In 2001, this hairstyle emerged with the book “The Curly Girl Handbook”, written by hairstylist Lorraine Massey, who also had curly hair. Until this date, similar approaches had been adopted, especially among African-American women. But for the first time, Lorraine Massey has come up with some theories to restore curly hair to its natural structure, maintain this structure, and shape curly hair.

Before this period, popular hairstyles included straight hair. With the advent of this method, many women who learned how to look and style their curly hair began to love their curly hair.

curly girl method
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Principles Of Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair

Before we start this list, we need to say this. Curly girls need to give up things that damage their hair, such as blow dryers, straighteners, curlers, detergent-filled shampoos, and welding.

  • You have to take care of your natural hair! Stop damaging your hair with blow dryers, straighteners, curlers, and hair supplies!
  • Stop electrifying and breaking your hair with traditional towels and hard drying moves! Drain the excess water off your hair with a microfiber towel.
  • You should not comb your hair dry. You should only comb with wide-tipped curly Combs or curly brushes when your hair is wet and applying conditioner.
  • Let your hair dry on its own. Or dry at a low temperature with a dryer.
  • You should protect your hair while you sleep.
  • You shouldn’t wash your hair with shampoos full of detergent. Wash with a light conditioner with clean ingredients!
  • Stop using hair products that contain hard cleaners/sulfates, drying alcohols, water-insoluble silicones, wax, and mineral oils!
  • Curly hair is dry by structure, care for them!
  • Above all, embrace and love your hair in its natural state!
Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hairstyle
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How To Apply The Curly Girl Method?

How to prepare the Curly Girl Method for Wavy Hair for you? We answered his question. Below we will tell you how to do article by Article:

Final Wash:

There are damages to our hair with products that do not comply with the method before. We need to clean up the damage we’ve caused to our hair. For this, you should purify the last time with a shampoo that contains sulfate, but does not contain silicone, mineral oil, wax. Also do not use sulfated shampoo again (except in exceptional cases).

This is not actually a phase mentioned in Curly Girl The Handbook. It is a stage that has been added to the beginning of the method and adopted by some with curly girl communities that have applied the method over time. Another segment finds this stage quite unnecessary and makes its defense as follows. No product can purify strands of hair that have been damaged by straighteners and other styling tools, where products with bad content have been applied for years. But by leaving these products, the hair can improve over time. Also, if you don’t have a shampoo to do this, you will pay for the product that you will only use once just for it. So how does the cut supporting the final wash look at this point? And they say, you can put this shampoo aside. When you accidentally use a product that does not fit the method (containing silicones, mineral oils, waxes), you will again need to purify your hair with this shampoo. As for me, I started by doing this wash because I had just such a shampoo in my hand. So it’s up to you to evaluate and choose.

2. Daily Wash With Conditioner – CoWash)

Get a conditioner that is suitable for the method you will use to wash your scalp and hair.

Superstition 1:

Is hair cleansed with conditioner? Yes, it cleanses! You will find that your hair does not need to be foamed with detergents (products containing sulfate) to make sure that it is cleaned. A conditioner is also sufficient for daily cleaning since ingredients that do not accumulate in the hair are used while following the method.

Superstition 2:

If I apply conditioner to the Bottoms, won’t my hair fall out? No, hair creams suitable for methods, and hair washing does not shed hair. The tip I can give you for this part is that your hair cream is a light/daily cream. For hair with dandruff/eczema problems or fast lubricated hair, you can choose a tea tree conditioner to wash your hair bottoms. Tea tree oil can be effective for such problems with its antibacterial and antifungal properties. But if you have very serious hair problems, of course, I recommend seeing a doctor.

Comb your hair at this stage with a wide-tipped comb or brush made for curly hair, do not comb it while it is dry! After washing, drain the excess water off your hair with a micro-fiber towel or cotton T-shirt. Or apply hair stylers to soaked hair without straining at all (it is said to give the hair more moisture). After this stage, you can move on to your hair styling products.

3. Non-Rinsing Conditioner

It is in the category of hair stylers and, like all other hair stylers, it is rubbed into the hair and not rinsed. The main purpose of these creams is to reduce the dry appearance by providing more moisture to the hair. Since they are the lightest consistency and content creams in the hair stylers group, they can be applied in excess in quantity. But still, to determine the need and capacity of your hair, start by applying a little and increase the amount according to satisfaction. It can have aggravating effects for fine stranded hair, so it is useful to use the amount limited. Some varieties may contain protein, hair that does not need protein can again be used in limited and preferably non-protein varieties. After use, it makes the hair feel soft and moisturized, makes it easier to comb, so the scanning process can also be carried to this stage, especially for easily tangled hair. You can apply non-rinsed creams from the top of your hair to the ends, provided that they do not touch your scalp.

best curly hair method
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4. Curling Cream – Curl Cream/Enhancer/Activator

The purpose of Curling Cream is to identify and highlight your curls. It has a cream structure, such as non-rinsed creams, and has more consistency and denser content than them. Because of their dense content, they may not be necessary or useful for every hair type. Hair with fine strands, especially easy to weigh, should or should not use with a limit. They mostly contain heavy fats and protein varieties. They can perform well for worn (high porosity) hair. It is useful to start using less when applying any kind and increase it again according to satisfaction.

5. Hair Gel/Hair Foam –

Superstition 3:

Does hair gel/foam damage hair? When selecting the Curly Girl Method Products you use, care should be taken to be of quality. Hair stylers suitable for the method do not harm the hair. Damage can only be done with products applied, even if the hair does not need it (for example, applying a large number of heavy curl creams to thin hair), but this damage does not have permanent/irrepressible consequences, as it is easily noticeable and preventable.

Although its goal is to define curls such as Curl Cream, it also aims to give hair retention and permanence. Hair jellies specially developed for curly hair are usually more fluid consistency than the concept of jelly that we are used to, so it can be more easily applied to all hair. Whether to style your hair with jelly or foam is a matter of choice and taste. When applying these products, you can apply them from the bottoms to the tips without touching your scalp, and then apply them with palm movements from the tips of the hair to the bottoms. It is the final stage of hairstyling, after this stage, the hair drying part is passed.

6. Hair Dryer – Air Drying/Diffusing

After applying the best curly hair products came the turn to dry your hair. At this point, let your hair dry on its own, or dry your hair using low heat. It can even be applied together; you can dry it with some machine and leave the rest to dry on its own. The important point here is not to use your machine at a high temperature, that is, at a temperature that can damage the hair.

7. Hair naturalization

As a final stage, after your hair is almost completely dry, you can open the crunchy hard blocks created by your hair stylists with a T-shirt/micro-fiber towel or by palms with your bare hands and get a natural look and shape as if there are no products in your hair.

curly hair - curly girl method
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8. Refresher

I assume you sleep at night using one of the methods that will protect your hair. But you still noticed that the next day your hair deteriorated a little or its volume decreased. If you want to revive, then you can apply this stage. With a water spray bottle, you can soak all or only the necessary parts of your hair and apply a hair styler (non-rinsing cream/curl cream/sheet jelly/foam) to your hair in a small amount according to your preference. Another method is to take some of this styler and mix it with water in your spray bottle and squeeze it directly into your hair.

What To Do When Applying The Curly Girl Method For Wavy Hair

  • Try using your hands to comb your hair. If you do not want to use your hands, choose combs that do not damage the hair.
  • Apply sulfate-free and silicone-free masks to your hair regularly. Curly hair needs moisture and protein. Hair masks are the best way to meet them.
  • Be careful to use hair care oils such as coconut oil and argan oil.
  • Avoid warming up when you want to dry your hair.

What Not To Do When Practicing The Curly Girl Method

  • Be careful not to wash your hair too often.
  • Avoid using classic hair towels. Try turning to microfiber towels or T-shirts.
  • Don’t dye your hair as much as possible. Hair coloring processes, which especially require an opening process, damage your hair, and disrupt the natural structure of your hair.

Pictures Before And After Curly Girl Method

Pictures Before And After Curly Girl Method
by balkaurleehair
Before And After Curly Girl Method
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Pictures Before And After Curly Girl Method
by salonblues
Pictures Before And After Curly Girl Method
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