Curly Hairstyles

3 Ways To Make Curly Hairstyles

3 Ways to Make The Best Curly Hairstyles at Home Without Using Heat

Curly hairstyles often complement the aesthetic look. You know the easiest way to make your hair curly is the tools that heat it up and take shape. But if you are aware that your hair is damaged by heat and you want to make your curly hairstyles without using heat, listen to these three ways.

Making Curly Hairstyles by Weaving Hair

  • After washing your hair, divide it from ear level into two parts, upper and lower.
  • Temporarily fasten the top and cut the bottom into two in the middle
  • Turn the two parts of hair that you separate from the bottom to the top of each other from the bottom to the end when knitting is finished and fasten to the upper part of your head.
  • If your hair is thin stranded, divide the remaining piece in half and wrap it on top of each other like you apply it to the lower part.
  • if your hair is thick stranded, divide it into four and knit. Then turn these parts around your head and fasten them under the other side.
  • You can use a wire buckle to fix and fasten your hair
  • If you want, you can use jelly, spray or foam.
  • If you do my instructions before going to sleep at night, you will get very successful curly hairstyles when you turn on your hair in the morning.

With Sponge Rollers

  • If you are constantly making your curly hairstyles, you may consider purchasing sponge rollers from a cosmetic shop, they are practical and effective.
  • You can wrap your hair with these sponge rollers like using a normal rollers, the important thing is that your hair is slightly moist.
  • After wrapping your hair with the help of sponge rullers, you should wait a while for your hair to become curly. To do this, do your hair at night , opening your hair in the morning and it makes your hair much more successful.

Using an Old T-Shirt

  • Wash your hair as you always do, and then remove excess moisture from your hair with a towel.
  • Cut an old t-shirt into longitudinal stripes from the neck area to the edges.
  • If the stripes are thin, the tightness of the curls will be too high.
  • Then, take it from your hair in small pieces and wrap it with this stripes from the bottom of the hair to the ends of the hair.

Also Read These Instructions if You Want to be Curly Hairstyles Without Damaging Your Hair.

  • Know your hair and use hair shampoo and hair conditioner to suit your hair
  • If you use hair dryer to dry hair, you should prefer cold hair dryers
  • You should use absorbent towels
  • Brush your hair until your hair is dry
  • You should not use products containing a lot of chemicals in hair cosmetics.

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