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10+ Best Transition Hairstyles for Growing Out Short Hair

If you are looking for transition hairstyles for growing out short hair, you have decided to extend your hair. Women want to look beautiful when switching from a short hair model, which is easy to use and maintain, to a long hairstyle. While women who have their haircut by following the short hair fashion want to join the long hair fashion, they are looking for hairstyles to lengthen their short hair. But transition hairstyles for growing out short hair can be difficult sometimes. How to style short hair while your hair grows between these challenges? The question is being asked. We have prepared transition hairstyles for you to lengthen short hair.

Transition Hairstyles for Growing Out Short Hair
by krystalleigh21

How to Style Short Hair While Growing it Out?

How to style short hair while growing it out? His question scares many women. Because it is considered difficult to style short hair. In fact, styling short hair is not as difficult as it seems. You should only use the right products and take the right steps when styling your short hair. I can give an example of this subject immediately. If you want to use a messy short hairstyle, it is very simple to do. If you want to get a messy hair look, you can use hair styling mousse or creams. After you apply it to your hair, spread it out with your fingers and let it dry naturally. You will draw all the attention with such a messy and stylish look.

messy short hairstyle
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Haircuts for Growing Out Short Hair

If you are looking for haircuts for growing out short hair, you are at the right place. You are bored with short hair and want to transition to long hair. That’s why you need a short hairstyle. While you are growing your hair, do not expect it to grow on its own for months. Instead, if you go to your hairdresser at the right time and make small touches, your hair will grow healthier. Haircut styles to lengthen short hair include curly bob hairstyle, short bob hairstyle, braided bun for short hair, long pixie hairstyle. You can review the related images of these models below.

curly bob hairstyle
by m_kusumaatmaja
Transition Hairstyles for Growing Out curly bob hairstyle
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Growing Out short bob hairstyle
by andressaalvessof
long pixie hairstyle
by randa.rivera

Growing Out Short Curly Hair

Lengthening Short Curly Hair is more difficult than other hair models. Among the transition hairstyles for growing out short hair curly hair stands out with its lively and cheerful appearance, but it is a bit difficult to use. Because it has problems such as constantly rising and difficult to shape. At the same time, curly hair grows a little late. At, we made researches to solve your problems and to lengthen short curly hair.

Growing Out Short Curly Hair
by everytingcurly

Things to Consider When Growing Out Short Curly Hair:

  • Take care and care for your hair follicles
  • You should stay away from heat
  • Pay attention to hair care while growing your curly hair
  • You should be careful with your haircut while growing your hair. You should not get scissors in between your hair while cutting.

Hairstyles for Growing Out Short Hair

Women looking for hairstyles for growing out short hair are looking for fast hair extension methods. You still have to use the short hairstyle that suits you until you grow out of the short hair stages. While lengthening your short hair, we can list the following hairstyles: pixie bob haircut, pixie bob hair, pixie with undercut, long pixie bob, shaved pixie cut, pixie cut with long bangs, long pixie haircuts, pixie cut long. These are among the most preferred hairstyles to lengthen short hair. Let’s examine these models together.

Pixie Bob Hair

Pixie bob hair is a short hairstyle. Usually, with this hairstyle, you will get a slightly shorter, feminine, and effective look. Although it is a short hairstyle, pixie bob hair makes you look very stylish. You can see on TV that many famous names also use this hairstyle. Because with this hairstyle, you get a fun, stylish, and comfortable look.

Pixie Bob Hairstyle
source vivianahairdesign

Pixie With Undercut

In the pixie with undercut hairstyle, the sides and nape are shaved and the hair is left on the top. This hairstyle is a model that makes you look very brave. It is among the hairstyles that women who want to look marginal can never give up. Women who use this hairstyle, which is bold and feminine, are also lucky as it does not require much maintenance. If you are one of those brave women, here is your chance!

Pixie With Undercut
by seleneloveshair

Long Pixie Bob

The long pixie bob hairstyle is an effective model for hairstyles to lengthen short hair. With the long pixie bob hairstyle, which is the transition hairstyles for growing out short hair, you can achieve an impressive, elegant, and stylish look with its flawless appearance. Even in front of TVs, many famous names prefer this hairstyle. This proves how impressive it is. You can examine the visuals of this hairstyle with many models.

Long Pixie Bob
source kidtesfay.07

Pixie Cut With Long Bangs

Pixie cut with long bangs is a great opportunity for those who want to try a new hairstyle. You can easily apply this hairstyle to straight hair, curly hair, or other hair types. We highly recommend this hairstyle for women who are afraid of trying short hair. Try it out and get a cooler look.

Pixie Cut With Long Bangs
by short_hair_ideas

Curly Bob Hairstyle

Curly bob hairstyle looks better on people with a balanced facial structure. This hairstyle does not look good on people with large and long faces. The biggest advantage of this hairstyle is that you can easily use it in any area. On an ordinary day, on special occasions, you can easily use it in every area.

Curly Bob Hairstyle
source thatcurlygirlmonica

Wet-Look Bob

Wet-Look Bob hairstyle has started to be preferred a lot lately. When wet-looking hair is applied to a bob haircut, an extremely effective look emerges. To get this hairstyle, straighten your hair, comb it back and then apply hairspray to the front of your hair. You can use a hairpin for your hair above your ear. That is all.

Wet-Look Bob hairstyle
by cizgisac

Wavy Bob

Wavy bob hairstyle has been used by many celebrities in recent years. The wavy bob hairstyle is a model that does not tire you very much. It is highly preferred among short hairstyles. Because the usage area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis hairstyle is wide. The hairstyle, whose shortest ends at the neck, can be used in short or medium lengths. It is also preferred because it is easy to shape this hairstyle.

Wavy bob hairstyle
by beaute_business

Mini Shag

Mini Shag hairstyle started to be preferred as a result of adapting shag hair to short hair. This model, which provides a layered look, makes your hair look voluminous. It is an ideal model for the summer months. It can also be applied to wet hair.

Mini Shag hairstyles
source madisonvillohair

Classic Bob

Classic bob is a useful and modern hairstyle. It also allows you to be impressive and attractive. A classic bob haircut that is cut at your chin is a hairstyle that will never go out of fashion and will always look stylish. This hairstyle, which is easy to cut and maintain, will make both you and your hairdresser comfortable.

Classic Bob Hairstyles
by rambutseries

Straight Short Hairstyles

Straight short hairstyles are a risk-free model for a stylish look. Even women with uneven hair structure can apply this hairstyle by blow-drying. This hairstyle should be preferred for women who cannot devote a lot of time to hairstyling and hair care.

by kritierobertson

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