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10+ African Hair Braiding Styles Pictures for 2022

The washing process of African Hair Braiding Styles, which is maintenance-free and will make you comfortable, is also very easy. As a result of the process performed by adding Kanekolan synthetic hair, your hair remains inside the braids.

Washing it 2 or 3 times a week will suffice.

How to Wash an African Braid?

You can wash your African Braids at any water temperature. It does not greasy and does not get dirty like normal hair. Therefore, washing should not be a problem. Since the added hair is kanekolon synthetic hair, it does not hold water and dries faster than normal hair.

How to Dry African Braid?

Cream-free shampoo should be used. We recommend using the shampoo diluted. It is important that the shampoo remains on the bottoms. It should be rinsed well. A blow dryer is not used for drying African Braids. You can dry it in 10-15 minutes by wrapping the towel. African Braiding process does not harm your hair. Since the hair will be washed less, it is fed with its own oil.

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